Our Creative Collection Soaps are completely unique to Ella Wood. Unlike other soap makers, we do not use pre-made moulds for our Creative Collection. We have a designer who creates these by hand, my moulding them onto clay.


We are proud to say that our soaps are not only natural, but are all hand crafted. We have a few ranges, one being our Classic Collection Range which  are the rectangle 80g soap bars. These make for excellent gifts and create a beautiful aroma in the bathroom or kitchen. Their natural aromas come in a variety of scents from patchouli, lime, lavender and lemon, all of which are natural.


Unlike other soap makers, we use individual moulds for these soaps, giving them an even and traditional soap bar finish. We have over 15 ranges of scent in our Classic Collection and will be introducing more in this year. A small circular mould (as shown above and to the right) can take up to 7 hours depending on the detail required. Once this has dried, then a mould is cast which takes a further day to set and dry.