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Ella Wood - Perfectly Natural is a family run business located in Surrey, England. Our aim is to rid the cosmetic and beauty industry of unnecessary packaging and unwanted chemicals. In our immediate environment we see so many products that are wrapped in packaging, inside a plastic box, inside another unrecyclable box...  packed full of nasty ingredients that really do not need to be there!


I decided to create a company that produces sustainable products with natural ingredients and reusable/biodegradable packaging. The business started with our first product - beautiful soaps that contain only natural ingredients, ingredients that also have beneficial properties too! 

I am Dawn Grealey and I am the Operations Director of Ella Wood - Perfectly Natural. I have always been concerned with the amount of chemicals in many of our products. This became even more evident to me when my grandchildren came along - I started noticing the vast amount of ingredients that were listed on the back of their bath bottles. I started to look into the ingredients in cosmetics (ones that we use on a daily basis) and was shocked to see the amount of chemicals packed into products! I knew something had to change.


I wanted to create products where we could recognise every ingredient that was listed on the bottle, but I also knew I wanted to create a product that was attractive and unique too.


Hello! I am Alison and I am the Creative Director of Ella Wood - Perfectly Natural. It is my job to create the designs for our beautiful products! This ranges from sculpting and casting to designing the packaging. 


Our Creative Collection Soaps are all unique to Ella Wood and contain small details that highlight the ingredients in the products. Our colourful and vibrant packaging designs are themed throughout our products, such as our beeswax wraps and eco-friendly wipes. 


As well as creating reusable products, our hobbies include spending our free time at the family allotment where we grow seasonal produce to create jams and pickles using recycled jars. As well as chickens, we keep beehives on the allotment, we use the honey and beeswax in our products (ensuring there is always enough left for the bees!).

We are extremely excited to share the business with the wider public and inspire customers to use products that have a positive affect on our environment and our future generations.

We are the last generation that can change the course of climate change, but we are also the first generation that are experiencing its consequences.