Natural Fibre Soap Pouch

Natural Fibre Soap Pouch


Ella Wood Natural Fibre Soap Pouch


This little pouch is made from natural fibres, specifically sisal, and is an excellent multi-use product. Not only is it the perfect little cosy home for your soap or shampoo bar, but it also keeps all the soap scraps together that usually slip through your hands and down the drain. What an excellent little soap saver!


It’s great for washing in combination with the soap, as it creates the perfect foam, while the textured surface gives you a lovely scrub, letting your skin shine. This makes your product longer lasting - no more need for any plastic bottles!


Ella Wood - Perfectly Natural Soaps and Shampoo bars fit perfectly in this little pouch. It allows for any excess water to drain and keeps your shampoo bar or soap nice and dry after us.


When you have had good use of your product and it is time for a new one, just dispose of the old one in the compost bin, as this is a biodegradable product!



Our aim is to rid the planet of plastic! There is simply no need for unnecessary and excessive packaging. This is why Ella Wood uses reusable or biodegradable packaging only and we recycle everything we possibly can!


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